What's in a Name

Have you noticed the change? What I'm referring to is a name change ... of sorts. As approved by the Board of Trustees in a recent meeting, Roselawn will now revert back to "Rose Lawn," as it was in the beginning. This is quite significant to the community, as it restores the original rendering of the name given to the house by Mrs. Sam P. (Laura) Jones.

During our work on the mission statement last year, many items of information came under close scrutiny. Pinpointing a specific block of time and defining a statement of purpose sometimes requires even changing details. Thus, our intention to offer the public a new era at Roselawn meant bringing back Rose Lawn as the official name. Obviously, it will take some time for folks (including us) to get used to this difference.

Guided by research, we were greatly helped by the generosity of Sam Jones' great-grandson, Mr. Howell Jones, of Atlanta. He donated an original letter written by Laura Jones to her children just six months after the death of Rev. Jones. Laura's stationary, trimmed with a heavy black border to signify a state of mourning, clearly shows a printed letterhead with Rose Lawn as two words, followed by "Cartersville, Georgia."

We understand that change is not always comfortable for everyone. In that respect, we welcome your questions, comments, or other input.

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Cartersville, GA 30120
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Jane Drew, Director